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Years later, Phillip's son Mike had become a freshman engineering major at Long Island University, and was searching for a costume for a Halloween party at his school.A lifelong superhero fan and avid comic book reader, Mike assembled a generic superhero suit for himself from various odds and ends, but he had also promised to supply a costume for his best friend, journalism major Mickey Musashi.The Wraiths who killed Jones were a mystically-inclined faction, indifferent to technology and unaware of the Torpedo suit's significance, so they left it behind.With Jones dead and his immediate family either killed or in hiding, the Torpedo suit and some of Brock's other belongings were eventually packed up and sent to his cousin, Phillip Jeffries, who stored it in his attic and forgot about it.If need be, Turbo can expand this radiation dissipation effect to protect others in her immediate vicinity.

She has some experience in unarmed combat and extensive training in self-propelled aerobatics. She seems to have a natural aptitude for operating cybernetic control systems.Unaware of the armor's origins, Mickey and Mike decided to keep it and took turns using it.Mickey was a natural, mastering the suit's basic functions with ease, but Mike's command of the suit's abilities was clumsy and far more limited.As the suit was designed for Dire Wraiths, their physiology can tap the suit's potential power more completely and more easily.Worn by a Dire Wraith, the armor is far more powerful and much more versatile, capable of shape-shifting, self-enlargement, manipulation of multiple energy forms and the ability to interface with and control outside computer systems.

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