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same as other people I registered in the past nd was fine sendind nd receiving registered again in 2017 profile temporarely unavailable noone can receive your messages but website team doesn t answer nd doesn t warn I did a search trying to find other similar websites to Fdating when I came across these reviews and thought I would post my own honest experience. I was even lucky enough to have a long-term relationship with a Ukrainian woman.

Of the women who first-responded to my profile, over 80% were scammers.Second, most "advice" sites tell you to use the correspondence tools of the dating site and not to go to a private e-mail account.I don't know who is giving this advice, but if you are doing your diligence and using initial e-mail correspondence to get info and set up a face to face date AND as your scam filter, getting to a specially set up gmail account is your best weapon to uncovering the scammers.They re register their profiles and in reality they have been doing this for years.The site owners know this, but will not do anything about it because it will hurt their traffic stats. She poses like a victim of life and make others guilty for this.

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