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Through this group Will meets twelve year old Marcus, a child who is completely opposite of Will.

Marcus pushes himself on Will, hoping at first that Will might marry his mother, but later realizing that Will has all the knowledge Marcus needs to help him survive middle school.

At the same time, Will Freeman, who is commitment phobic, has recently discovered that despite his dislike of all children, dating single women can be beneficial to both him and them.

Will has dated a single mother who is so jaded by the breakup of her marriage, that all she wanted from Will was a sexual relationship.

Will offers to take Marcus out one afternoon to help him through the stress at home.

Marcus insists that Will include his mother in the day out.

After one meeting of SPAT, Single Parents, Alone Together, Will meet Suzie. She is deeply angry at the man who left her for his secretary while she was still pregnant with their only child.

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During the picnic, Will makes a halfhearted attempt to get to know Marcus, but Marcus has a dark sense of humor that Will cannot understand.Marcus gets it into his head that his family needs to be increased by one more person so that he will not be alone should his mother succeed the next time she tries to commit suicide.To this end, Marcus decides his mother should marry Will.When Marcus' mother learns of this, however, she jumps to the wrong conclusions and refuses to allow Will to see Marcus again.Determined to have the right to think for himself, Marcus defies his mother and begins visiting Will regularly.

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