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The beach districts are nice, but they’re simply dead during most of the year.

You’ll also likely be far more isolated—less likely to run into any other expats or westerners, just to have a simple beer with. Read Next: The Official Book on Ukrainian Women Much like Dnipro, Kharkiv lies further to the east of Ukraine. I’d say a worse overall quality of life than a place like Kiev, but certainly you are more of an “exotic commodity” in regards to meeting pretty Ukrainian ladies. This means better English with the girls and guys alike, which in turn makes your life easier. Most people who fly into Ukraine will be coming via Kiev, so if you have the time—you should absolutely go.

By far the most common expat city in Ukraine, and for good reason.

It’s a huge place, with thousands and thousands of stunning girls walking around in dresses and heels.

We [Photo taken with a Canon Powershot] Ahh, yes—the mail order bride capital of the world.

This is the city where one of my friends got the Ukrainian brides scam pulled on him.

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