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Because they think that they would end up meeting new people, who might not be as clean as they are. So, the next best option according to them is to give these gatherings a miss!They might not hate animals, but even the idea of having pet hair all over the house with muddy paw prints on the floor after the usual walks can be a disturbing thought for them.I can't imagine anyone asking her out, let alone thinking she’d be a good mother to their children.Last year I went on a few dates with someone I met online, though I am leery of online dating.If there’s one thing I know about depression, though, it’s that it’s devoid of logic, and you can feel your lowest and your highest all at once.) My dating history is checkered, to say the least.It's mostly a trail of intense but short-lived relationships, with a few regrettable one-night stands sprinkled here and there.Do Check Out: 15 Irritating Things Your Husbands Do And How You Should React To Them And on the unusual occasions when they are not worrying, they worry about the fact that there is nothing to worry. Who will sweep the floors, do the dishes, dust the living room, wash the clothes etc. They might forget to carry their wallets in their bags, but a hand sanitiser and a small cloth duster- NEVER!!Weird things like a pet parrot’s feather can give them a bad cold. You May Also Like: 7 Things You Should Not Say When Meeting Your Would Be Mother-In-Law For The First Time Even when they’re sure they locked the main door before leaving, they will still make it a point to turn back and re-check!

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Do Check Out: 7 Super-Hilarious Things People Do At Indian Weddings You will sometimes wonder if they have even touched it in years as the clothes are stacked so perfectly without one crease getting spoiled! They cannot help it as cleaning also happens to be their favourite pass time.

Many times, they too dream of being normal and also make an effort to start being more relaxed.

But an extreme case of OCD is more serious than you imagined and needs to be taken care of with much care and sensitivity as people suffering from it are highly insecure, scared and reluctant. Sometimes two people who hold a special place in your heart just don’t get along, no matter how badly you want them to.

But, there are a few people for whom cleanliness means the world.

Recommended Read: 6 Creative And Lovely Ways To Say Thank You To Your Partner Things like a little dust, papers lying on the desk, an untidy kitchen, etc. So, if the person you are dating has an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), here are a few things you need to know right now!

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